Is the branch of medical science concerned with the anatomy and diseases of the veins. (Greek: Phlebos = vein and logos = study).

Phlebology is among the medical branches originally practiced mainly by general surgeons. Over the years, the aesthetic aspect of veins has been considered and has led to aesthetic medicine branches to become involved. Thus, new and varied treatment methods have been investigated and made available to patients in a comfortable and particularly effective way.

Now days it is no longer necessary to suffer the large skin incisions that were required in the old days. Today, the concept beauty-wellness-comfort is the basis of the new treatment methods. Technological advances may give the impression that the new techniques are simple and easy to perform, like a "simple and painless small injection in the legs".

There is, however, the potential for serious aesthetic complications if not performed by a qualified physician. Among them, ulcers and scars in the injection sites due to incorrect usage of medications, darkening of the skin over the vein path when the size, diameter and actual condition of the valves of veins in the afflicted area have not been assessed, and others.

Success of treatment is basically based on a correct ASSESSMENT of the complete venous system to accurately determine the site, magnitude and severity of the disease. Today, technological advances are available to the physician, like ultrasound and the Vascular Laboratory that are VITAL for a correct diagnosis and for a CUSTOMIZED TREATMENT.

TELANGIECTASIA and VARICOSE VEINS, are present since the beginning of humanity, as they are depicted in ancient Greek sketches. Telangiectasia, also called "spider veins", because of their appearance, are present in 60% of adult population. Women are afflicted three times more often than men. Several factors have been invoked to explain this difference. Among others, heredity, obesity, cigarette smoking and hormones (estrogen).

MODERN treatment varies in modality. It starts with SCLEROTHERAPY, and follows with phlebotomy, saphenectomy, a combination of these, and laser treatment.